Storefronts and products on Academy 1854 are ranked by an algorithm that uses different metrics to organise search results, mentor and product listings. These metrics determine how visible your store and product(s) will be for other users on Academy 1854. 

The algorithm factors in the following metrics when ranking storefronts and products: 

  • Number of sales you have made on your products

  • Number of reviews and the star rating of your reviews 

  • Traffic to your store/product pages from off-site sources (e.g. from social media, Google searches, etc.) 

  • ‘Click through rate’ on store/product listings (i.e. the number of users who visit your store/product pages from the main search or listing pages)

  • ‘Conversation rate’ on product pages (i.e. the number of sales you make when users visit your product pages)

Stores and products with the highest rankings will appear higher up in search results and listing pages on Academy 1854. Mentors may also have a gold or silver tick next to their store and/or product listings. 

  • A gold tick is awarded to mentors who have received (inter)national recognition for their work; these sellers will appear first in search results and listing pages. 

  • A silver tick is awarded to mentors who have high engagement metrics; these sellers will appear after gold tick mentors. 

As a seller, you can increase your visibility, and work towards earning a silver tick, by improving your metrics. 

Top tip: Adding “expertise” tags are a good way to improve the completeness of your overall Academy 1854 profile and increase the number of search results your store/product(s) appear in (users can search with “expertise” tags, which will filter all the relevant stores/products). Doing this will help improve your store/product visibility. 

Please note: The algorithm is being constantly improved to make sure the best performing stores and products are correctly ranked. As changes are made, we will publish up to date guidance to help Mentors improve their store/product rankings.