After a product has been purchased, you will receive an email with order purchase details. The customer will receive a confirmation email showing their order status as being on ‘Hold’. There are a few steps you will need to follow after this. 


  1. Check the status of the purchase payment via your PayPal account. If the payment has been success, you will need to change the customer’s order status to ‘Processing’:

  • Head to the Seller Dashboard and click on “Manage Orders”

  • Select the customer’s order via their order number and go to “Edit”

  • Change the order status to ‘Processing’

  • If you have included any downloadable documents for participants, make sure to ‘Grant Access’ in the “Download Product” section

  • Click “Update” at the bottom of the page 

  1. Contact the customer via email to organise a date/time and the preferred platform to conduct the session. You should share any details with the customer, such as invitation links for sessions conducted on Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc. 

  2. After the session has been completed, return to the customer’s order in “Manage Orders” and mark the order status as ‘Complete’ 


Helpful tip: You can also link your Calendly account to your Academy 1854 account in the “Seller Profile” section of the Seller Dashboard. After purchase, the customer will receive an automatic email notification to your Calendly page so they can book a time slot with you here. 


Remember: The seller is responsible for sharing invitations for a scheduled session with all customers and should keep them updated with any changes to a session. As an Academy 1854 mentor, it is important that you deliver the session that the customer has purchased.