As a seller, you are responsible for accounting for the VAT (or applicable sales tax) payable on each sum received by you when you sell goods and/or services using our website. Sales taxes will be calculated based on the information you provide to us regarding your VAT registration status, the product type, and the address of the buyer of the goods or services.

If you are a VAT registered seller you will need to provide your VAT number upon store set up so this can be displayed on your invoices to customers.

The Academy 1854 platform and 1854 Media Limited do not collect or remit to the authorities any sales taxes on the seller's behalf. If you indicate you are registered for VAT, sales tax will be shown on your invoices, and will be at different rates depending on the customer's location. It is the seller’s responsibility to register for and pay taxes in jurisdictions where necessary.

1854 Media Limited will work hard to keep the global sales tax rates up to date, but the seller should check all calculations before use in statutory tax returns