There are four broad product categories  on offer in the first instance. There’s no limit on how many variations of products you can create, so feel free to add multiple workshops or sessions. The categories are: 


Portfolio review  

Live one-to-one sessions with a participant. We recommend either a 30 minute session for a straightforward review of the participant’s portfolio of a particular project, or an hour session for an in-depth review and deep dive into the work, with time for questions. This will typically be a one-off session. The duration of a session will be chosen before the sale, and the time and date can be arranged between yourself and the participant after a sale has been made.


1-on-1 Mentoring 

Live one-to-one mentoring courses, tailored to help participants succeed in a wide variety of areas. This is likely to be several hours over multiple sessions spanning several weeks, which can be arranged after a commitment has been made (and you have approved the participant).


Group masterclasses 

These sessions will give multiple participants access to a variety of industry disciplines in small group sessions. You should decide the dates and session times in advance, so it is part of the listing to purchase tickets.


Live webinar -

A live lecture, or series of lecture, with a larger group of participants presented by mentors, giving a comprehensive account of a particular topic, with limited opportunities for attendees to interact


See our Price Guide here on how to price these service Price Guide